27 mars 2007

encore des nouvelles!!!


Bonjour ou Bonsoir a tous!!!

How are you guys??
At the moment, I am at school, supposed to be working on graphics!!! as you can see, i am pretty slack!!!lol! yea, this year, i chose subjects that are pretty cool and relax: art, graphics, outdoor education( tramping,camping,kayaking..), german( i have to do something a bit more serious), english and study( if we can call it study)!!

Now in New-Zealand, i am 7th form, last year at school for my kiwi friends( terminal), which mean the year of the ball!! Oh yeah, my first ball in my life!! so all the preparation starts from the beginning of the year, we even have ballroom dancing lessons!! get the balldress, the shoes, the jewellery, the mask( masquerade)...and of course a partner!!! so personally, i m gonna hire a ball dress because the price of getting one made is huge ( $400 = 200 euro), my partner s name is william bowman, a good friend ( aparently a good dancer!!)

Someting else new about being 7th form is that we have a common room ( foyer) just for us!!! Unfortunatly, as you can imagine, young adult of 17 or 18 years old are not that carefull and the common room isnt in really really good conditions, for instance, this morning everybody was standing outside the room because someone left some milk that was "perimee" in the fridge and the door was open so the disgusting smell was spreading in the common room!!! how stupid!!!

I know i haven't talked about my long long holiday but i think ill tell you when ill see you in real!!!

See Karen, i am updating my blog, you should be proud of me!!!

gros bisous

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    how incredible!a new post in less than one week! I'm also proud of you lol! as you see, I try to speack in english: it's a training for canada héhé!
    Why ball doesn't exist here??It would be so wonderfull.I'm waiting for the pictures!!I want to see you with your wonderfull dress and of course your partner hey hey!!
    have a nice ball! bye bye bizzzzz Lise

    Posté par Lise, 27 mars 2007 à 11:42 | | Répondre
  • Waouuuuu !!

    I'm so impressed dear Carol !!! That's as always a real pleasure . I'have nothing fancy to say, but I will write you a mail this week-end if I don't cath you on msn. ( in fact I have many things to tell you but in Private ! he he he )
    Well keep going have fun ( I hope it's correct).
    Otherwise, tomorrow I pass my "code" so I'm nervous because I'm not so good ... ( many mistakes ! Grrrr) Well wish me good luck, even if it will be too late when you read this commentary, but I'm sure that you think so !
    Well, bye wonderful Carolounette !! XXX

    Posté par the gorgeous K, 28 mars 2007 à 19:23 | | Répondre
  • Hello

    Hey Carol,
    Since everybody's now speaking in English, I think I should do it too. (Of Course, I don't mind^^).I'm pleased to see that you're having fun in NZ,you take such awesome classes. Concerning the ball, I envy you. You'll have to tell me how it was! I'm looking so forward to going to Venezia next week!
    Anyway,make the most of your trip!^^
    Sorry if I always write "^^", I'm almost always logged on WoW and I'm getting used to writing those signs!

    Posté par Bene, 01 avril 2007 à 23:38 | | Répondre
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